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Many people dealing with HIV and AIDS have needs they cannot meet on their own or require care that cannot be adequately supplied by their friends or families. 

In such cases, suitable flat and the right kind of assistance become very important.

Admission consultation

As „social brokers“, we talk with the people who come to us for help about whether our assistance programme is right for them and which format would be helpful. 

Then we put them in touch with the appropriate facility.


Arranging placement in supported housing

ZIK rents flats itself and makes them available to applicants who have no place to live, if it is not possible to arrange tenancy agreement directly between the client and the management of the building in question.

Subletting agreements for these ZIK-rented flats are offered only in conjunction with psychosocial care services.

The objective of ZIK supported housing is to enable clients to lead self-determined, responsible lives in their own homes.

Assistance for migrants


Migrants in Germany whose residence status is uncertain have to cope with a host of disadvantages.

In many cases, their German language skills are not sufficient and they lack knowledge about their legal rights and obligations and processes at government agencies.


We advise migrants with HIV and AIDS and arrange placement in supported housing if they need it.

A look inside

Impressions from our work and a conversation with clients and staff
(2 min. 45 sec.)


Contacting us


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From 3:00 pm to 5:30 pm, every Wednesday at Perleberger Str. 27, 10559 Berlin. 

Individual consultations possible by prior arrangement:

+49 30 39 89 60 0



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