Our mission statement

Our idea of man

Acceptance and self-determination

Mutual respect and regard for human beings, the way they choose to lead their lives and their cultural identity form the basis of our actions. 

We support people with HIV, AIDS and Hepatitis, helping them to shape their lives with the greatest possible degree of self-determination and autonomy. 

We combat discrimination and promote social justice. 

We contribute towards an unquestioning acceptance of people affected by AIDS, mental health impairments and addiction within society.

Social services

Expertise and innovation

We have been developing and refining model-based programmes in the sense of a supply chain for chronically ill people with HIV, AIDS and hepatitis since 1989. 

Our forms of supported housing and employment projects are oriented towards our clients’ needs. 

We perform our services to a high standard of professionalism and personal credibility.  

Our clients receive our support in creating homes for themselves and securing their material livelihoods.  

We help them to secure their healthcare needs, provide guidance and support in structuring their day-to-day lives and encourage them to participate in community life. 

The quality, transparency and economic efficiency of our social services are equally important to us.

Relationships based on trust

Achieving the goals together

We aspire to help our clients become independent and autonomous, while taking their individual abilities and needs into account at all times. 

The objectives, contents and boundaries of our services are negotiated flexibly with the participation of all involved. 

We work in partnership with the organizations providing payment and with our other contractual and cooperation partners during planning and implementation. 

Sponsors, donors and volunteers make it possible for us to expand and optimize our services. 

We guarantee transparency in the use of all financial resources.

Corporate culture

Diversity and vibrancy

We believe that a positive working atmosphere is important. We make sure to communicate appreciation, trust and authenticity in our dealings with one another. We are mutually supportive, especially in difficult situations. 

In our team-building, we emphasize individuality and diversity. Personal dedication is embedded in the vibrant work we do together. It is important to us that everyone participate. Co-determination is institutionally anchored through the employee council. Communication between management and staff is candid and open. Decision-making processes are transparent.  

We promote the professional development of everyone who works here. The health of our employees is a matter of fundamental concern, as is the feasibility of reconciling professional demands of with their personal needs and family life.


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