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Assisted Living

Due to the strains on their medical and mental health, many of our clients need some form of assistance. 

For that reason, we offer them psychosocial support in addition to housing. This support can take many different forms: one-on-one counselling, for instance, or crisis intervention or advice about social welfare laws.

Establishing the greatest possible independence

Needs-based housing and assistance

Our goals are to equip our clients to avoid the threat of homelessness permanently, to reintegrate them into community life and to help them become capable of leading responsible and self-determined lives.


Different formats

Depending on a client’s individual needs and abilities, we offer the following formats of supported housing: 

ZIK’s assisted living is designed for people with HIV, AIDS and / or chronic Hepatitis C, who need extensive psychosocial support in order to lead independent lives in their flats. 

Sections 53 f. and 67 of Germany’s Code of Social Law (SGB) provide the legal basis for the assistance we offer.     

Looking inside

Impressions of the work and talking with a client suffering from Hepatitis-C and talking with our stuff (3 min. 33 sec.)


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